Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holidays !!

Halloween is over.. now getting ready for the Holiday season !
I love the fall season and then comes the thanksgiving and christmas :) the festivals add a beautiful color to the gloomy winter days . Who cares about the snow .. when life is busy getting ready for the holidays !

Taking a break from the ivorys and the whites and the neutrals for the weddings.. here i grabbed my colorful box full of ..reds and yellow fabric ! Whoo hoo !! it was as if i needed something to get to work again , here is what I  made a couple of weeks back for the holidays.

Cabbage Roses ....Shoe clips

Peacock inspired hair clips

Boho brooch pin

Sweet coral cabbage roses shoe clips

 Sea foam Bow brooch pins
Roses at your feet - shoe clips

Holiday brooch pins

Yellow flower brooch pin

Romantic day - Sweet Coral Single Large Rose

Wild Violet Flower pin
Lets Party - Holiday hair clip


Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Flowers - Wholesale order

It was a busy time last week, here is what I have for the spring to come. This order is for a boutique , with a variety of small headbands from rosettes to flowers & larger flower headbands for weddings, birthday,photo prop & more.

All these headbands are with different length of elastic attached - suitable for newborn - school children & from teens to women !

Take a look here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New designs

recently I found myself  in love with the elastic band again ! Elastic has been in use for such a long time, I think we can barely live without it.. it is so necessary for our .. lingerie . I cannot imagine how the women of the early days lived without it . So to show some more love I started making flower headbands on elastic bands.

First I tried the metal ones & almost ended in a headache which lasted for 2 more days & I was wondering why & how I got the headache & then I got the answer from the metal which showed its effect..... so finally here comes the elastic headband in various sizes- for newborns to toddlers & from toddlers to tween & women. 

These are few of my new additions in my etsy store.